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Augment your apps with AI

Mirage is an API for everything AI. Integrate in minutes.

Text translation, answering, speech-to-text & more.

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Integrate Mirage in minutes

Mirage comes with the following features to help you integrate it to your apps:

Integrate Mirage with your code from a 100% uptime & fast HTTP REST API.

Data import

Import your data to Mirage, which will be used as context for the AI.

All included

No matter your plan, free or paid, you get the same Mirage features.

Customer support

Word-class customer support via live-chat, email and our documentation.

Libraries for your code

Setup Mirage with minimum effort, use our libraries for NodeJS, PHP, Ruby and more.

Build powerful features with Mirage

Connect Mirage AI features together with your data. Augment your existing products.
// Translate a text from French to English
var translation = await client.Task.TranslateText({
  "locale": { "from": "fr", "to": "en" },
  "type": "html",
  "text": "Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider <span translate=\"no\">Monsieur</span> ?"

// Transcribe speech from audio to text
var speech = await client.Task.TranscribeSpeech({
  "locale": { "to": "en" },
  "media": {
    "type": "audio/mp3",
    "url": "https://path.com/to/audio-file.mp3"
Response MessageTranslate(English to French)SummarizeGenerate answerTranslate(French to English)Question Message

Create complex
automations with AI

Mirage AI features can be built upon to create powerful automation scenarios, powered by AI.

They can work in tandem, for example to create a conversational bot which understands any input language, eg. French (using Mirage Translate API), then generates an human-like answer in English (using Mirage Answer API), and update the conversation summary for customer support agents (using Mirage Summarize API), and finally send the response in the user spoken language in eg. French (using Mirage Translate API again).

We handle all the complexity of running the AI for you, so that you can focus on the product.

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Powering the most advanced SaaS products

Mirage helps SaaS products expand with AI features. It’s not their job to run their AI, it’s ours.
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